7 best tools to test websites in different screen resolutions

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Gone are the days when the entire screen was of the same resolution. Now it’s the digital world of tablets, notebooks and smart phones. Are you looking for some easy tools where you can test your creative juices for different screen sizes? Here we will tell you some of the best online tools, add ons (Firefox) and extensions (Google Chrome) to test your designed websites in different screen resolution.

Some of the best online tools are as follows:

This online tool lets  you to resize your website browser in predefined resolutions displays of your tablets, smart phones, and notebooks. You can also define your own presets, which can be deleted later.

Screenfly (Quirktools)
This is another online screen resolution testing tool for you designed websites. Screenfly have variety of screen resolution sizes to view your web pages on tablet, Smartphones, TV screens. You just have to type in your website’s URL and click Go, Screenfly will show your website in different screen resolutions.

It is an easy to use online tool for testing your web pages  in multiple screen sizes. All you have to do is enter your website URL, then press the facing dropdown list for selecting the screen size or manually entering your own desired screen size. Now click on open pop up button. A new window will pop up with the screen resolution which you needed.
Some of the Firefox add ons are as follows:

It is an add-on of Firefox Internet Browser where you can check your webs pages in multiple screen sizes. At the right bottom of the Firefox Browser there is a status-bar which shows the actual resolution of the screen. There you can click on the panel to check other dimensions available for testing. You can also type in your own dimensions.

Yet Another Window Resizer
Its is another addon to Firefox Internet Browser, which is so easy to use. In Yet Another Window Resizer you just have to click anywhere on the website and choose the screen resolution from the given list.


Resolution Test
It is a Google Chrome extension which helps to check your websites in different screen sizes. As soon as you will install this Chrome extension just press on test button located in the right hand side corner of your Chrome Browser. There is a record of often used screen resolution sizes. You can click any resolution to resize. You can also describe your own presets.

Window Resizer
It is same as above mentioned Resolution Test. It also consists of pre-setted screen resolution resizing list, which you may use for your website. Window Resizer also lets you describe your own presets just as  Resolution Test.

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