5 Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Possess

April 9, 20152 Comments

There is a very important set of intrinsic skills that a Digital Marketer should possess in order to make it in this game. A Digital Marketer must be able to take on the persona of many separate characters, channelling the ability to mould them into one effective professional.

digital marketingThese personas are:

The Investigator

In an industry that seems to change with the wind and according to the belief of Search Factory, a digital professional must be adaptable. With SEO strategies constantly having to be redeveloped to suit web search algorithms a Digital Marketer must be able to come The Investigator. The investigator is someone that must problem solve and be aware of everything that is going on in the industry. This person must actively read up and understand new technologies and new developments, to not only their work but their clients. The Investigator must understand their clients’ brand, their target audience (another persona that they will need to take on at certain times) and understand competition.

The Business Suit

This persona must have a full understanding of their own business and sufficiently comprehend the business world around them. The Business Suit must have a full understanding of their long term objectives, revenue growth prospects, issues, and risks. This person is a reflection of their business and knows it; therefore, they dress appropriately and represent their brand as if it were themselves.
The Business Suit must completely understand how their business works and in Digital Marketing must have a thorough knowledge of analytics and data interpretation. They must understand their KPI’s and have a recipe for reaching their goals.

The Relationships Guy

This is where a Digital Marketer must become Ted Mosby and look for long term relationships. This is the person who seduces their colleagues as well as clients. The Relationships guy is the character who you want to work with and who clients want to join in a venture to success. It helps to be fun and but serious when it counts. This person avidly checks the status of their relationship with these people and does whatever possible to keep them as an ally.

The Passionate Leader

To make it in this industry you must be passionate about it. The Passionate Leader is fanatical about their work, company, clients and love marketing. This person loves to tell a story and because they’re so fervent, people intently listen. Leadership skillswell-equipped in their utility belt, and they are driven by the desire to make it as far into the industry as possible.

The Artist

In this industry no matter what area you are in, you have to be creative. You have an understanding of emotions and know how to convey them. You need to understand the tapestry on which the internet was first woven, and tune into the palette and brush sizes of subtle algorithm shifts. The Artists sees the forest and the trees, right down the moss on the trunks and dew drops on the branches – a well-rounded, holistic Digital Marketer needs to understand everything from the undergrowth of the internet, to the animals of algorithms.

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  1. ukvide says:

    Is it for real. I must try these. Hope it will work.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey Tushar,

    So that was interesting and at first I was kind of shaking my head but the more I read the more I was thinking okay, I do that. Well, I do that too and we all have to do that so that’s kind of cool actually Tushar.

    I love the names you attached to each area and we all have a little of each of them in us. I sure would hope so if we’re online marketing right.

    Thanks for this one and glad I read it.

    Adrienne recently posted..DoFollow Or NoFollow: That Is the QuestionMy Profile

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