5 Blogging Mistakes you should Avoid

June 14, 20160 Comments

So you have decided to join the blogging bandwagon? Congratulations on completing your initial steps and setting up your blog. Check this awesome guide to how to start a blog in 15 mins like a boss. Before getting too far ahead of yourself, pause and take a deep breath. There are still a lot of things that can go wrong and we will show you exactly how to avoid them. While some believe that mistakes make a person stronger, why go through all the trouble when you can easily avoid them?

blogging mistake to avoid

Background Music

One of the first things that you should avoid is music playing in the background of the blog. Readers hate this. While there are a few readers who may love this, the majority of readers will never come back to read your blogs. Another problem with the auto-loading music is that it eats up a lot of the bandwidth. This will cause your blog to load slowly. This is where you will lose more than half your readers. All because they could not wait for the blog to load. This can also be annoying to a reader if they are accessing your blog in a library and your background score suddenly starts blaring. Trust me; this reader is never coming back.


Another thing that you need to take care of is readability. Avoid using a dark background and light colored text. This strains the reader’s eyes and your audience will never come back to your dark paged blog again. Sidebar clutter is also a sore to the eyes. Less clutter means more space to display your content. Too many things grabbing the reader’s attention will distract them from the content. If you do need to display something, place it in the form of a link that will re-direct readers to the appropriate page.


Plagiarism is usually frowned upon in the blogging world. You need to be careful of the images that you use in your blogs as well. Plagiarism refers to using content that does not belong to you. This could be the text, images, music, or anything else that you haven’t created. Copyright issues are a big problem in today’s world.

Blog Title and Domain

In addition, you need to choose a relevant name for your blog. Avoid generic titles that will get lost in the crowd. Choose domain for your blog that reflects the content of your blog aptly. This will help garner interest in your blog even before it is read. Avoid using long titles that dilutes the message. Keep the title short and to the point.


Lastly, make blogging your habit or even better make it your daily task. Once it sets into your daily routine, you will not have to remind yourself to do it daily. Readers love reading something new and interesting every day, especially if you are writing about something they love. If readers find that your blogs are not an everyday affair, they will move on and follow another blogger. After all, it is a competitive world. Hang on to your audience by entertaining them daily. Your rewards will follow shortly.

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