4 Tips for Setting up the Perfect Office Environment

April 12, 20150 Comments

A lot of small business underestimate the time and money it takes to set up their office. It’s a mighty task that requires a lot of thought, effort and planning. To alleviate some of the stress, this guide will walk you through four essential considerations you should make before you begin:

setting up perfect officeCost versus quality

As a new business, the likelihood that you can afford the very best ergonomic chairs is slim. However, there is a balance that can be achieved. Shop for bargains but don’t sacrifice quality and functionality. If your employees don’t feel comfortable at work, this could have negative effects on your business. Consider what the overall theme of your office will be and purchase furniture that suits the needs of your team.


Minimalism may be a popular design aesthetic these days, but don’t underestimate the power of a few plants and decoration. Bare walls and desks are boring and depressing. Give your office a new lease of life by hanging some appropriate art on the walls and adding a few potted plants. Office Plants has a wide variety of indoor plants that make fantastic additions to any workplace.

What are the essentials?

Once you’ve decided on your furniture, it’s time to think about the supplies you’ll need. Consider how much stationery you’ll need for your team and methods of storing company documents. Viking is an online retailer that has a large catalogue of office supplies and storage boxes that can be bought in bulk.

Getting your stationery well ahead of time is essential to the smooth operation of your business. If you run out of basic office supplies, productivity will drop fast. Make sure you place your orders well in advance and buy enough to get by for the first few months.

Don’t neglect the break room

On those horrid Mondays back at work, your employees will appreciate the addition of a comfortable break room. Fit it with basic amenities like drink machines, microwaves and a snack area so that your employees can feel refreshed when they come back to work. The money you make from these snack and drink machines can go towards the cost of resupplying them. Buy some comfortable seats and make sure the area is cleaned on a daily basis.

Setting up the perfect office is just one hurdle a small business needs to overcome. There’s a variety of other challenges and new technologies to keep up with in order to stay relevant. Read our article that details the upcoming small business technologies you should be aware of.

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