3D enhances the visual experience in athletic training

December 27, 20170 Comments

To avoid refereeing mistakes in football, use the technique of stereoscopic 3D would better prepare professionals FIFA detection positions offside.

To better train professional football referees of (FIFA), researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed a technique of stereoscopy which saves exercises to detect the 3D position of off- Thurs According to the researchers, the 3D makes it possible to visualize what is happening on the ground very close to reality, and thus learn remotely make the right decisions.

Improved depth effect

The team has recorded no less than 500 simulations offside positions for different exercises, similar to those used for the FIFA international referees. To do this, they filmed different configurations game using two lenses, one on each eye to get a better depth of image. Generate 3D viewing experience much more realistic than 2D images. Visual perception would use the difference between the images for each eye to calculate depth. Thus, during training, the referees may assess the position of players approaching as close to a real game. To make 3D game work on your big screen and TVs with the help of new Nintendo 3DS media accelerator.

More interactive media

Improved training materials allow assistant referees to be able to more easily determine if a player receives a ball, is in an offside position or not. If stereoscopic technology has been used for years, she could not take much size without digital image processing. Also, thanks to computers, the superposition of these two images would eliminate the shortcomings of previous techniques. At Euro 2012, are 131 offside positions that were reported by the arbiters of FIFA.

3D gaming on Smartphones:

Like all Android 3D games, 3D games configuration requires a good quality with a 3D accelerator and a good memory (RAM) and a powerful processor, so you can enjoy the experience of 3D gaming on smartphones much better on large screens of Android tablets.

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