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How to Launch a Self Hosted WordPress Website

July 19, 20150 Comments
hosting a website

Self-hosted WordPress blogs are currently the hotcakes being sold. To get a head-start in today’s online industry, an entrepreneur should think about starting with a blog about their product or service. Over recent years, building and hosting a website has become immensely easier; it only requires some knowledge on the very basic things and of […]

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Some Basic Tips to Create Strong Password for Your Several Web Accounts

June 9, 20152 Comments

Nowadays, cyber crime has become a great problem, a large number of web accounts are getting hacked every day. This may make you anxious about your web accounts. To protect your accounts, you must have a strong password for your account. Passwords are known as the “first line of defense” against the cyber crimes,  it […]

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Why are we suddenly getting all those website cookie notices?

June 2, 20150 Comments
use this cookies

You must have noticed that over recent weeks many of the websites that we visit display some form of cookie notice advising us that the website uses cookies and providing information on their cookie policy. Often we have to click that we have read them before they will go away and let us view the […]

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Online Security: The Foundations of Web-Based Business

May 26, 20150 Comments
security websites

As online shopping continues to flourish, with thousands of shopaholics opting to buy online rather than head for the high street, now is as important a time as ever to emphasise the significance of online security. As online commerce shows a continued increase in market share, it’s now responsible for £466.1million of sales per week, […]

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Keep Entertained with 4G Technology on the Go

May 20, 20151 Comment
4g broad band

The ways we entertain ourselves online has expanded so much in recent years. New movies and TV shows are constantly being made available for online streaming, and the music industry represents so many bands and artists vying for our viewership with their music videos and live show feeds. These are only some of the many […]

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Does your broadband slow you down? What makes the internet faster?

May 15, 20152 Comments
broadband speed

In this fast-paced life where most people depend on the Internet for various online activities such as shopping, browsing, chatting, business, and more, speed of the Internet is given more value. The most frustrating part of any Internet is its slow connectivity. When you are eager to open any website for some important information and […]

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