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Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

April 25, 20170 Comments
increase blog traffic

The first and foremost thing you should do when you have a blog is to drive traffic. You have to make more people read than yesterday. That’s not going to be possible if you stick onto the same type of content, which most people do. In fact, you should always research for and find the […]

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AMD VS INTEL: Which Processor is Best for Gaming?

January 20, 20170 Comments
intel vs amd

For some people, the Gaming on Computer is LIFE! Without Gaming on the computer, they cannot feel like living life fully. For gaming on PC, you’ll need a proper gaming computer with all of the necessary components. Some games require the particular configuration of Processors and Graphics card. The High-end graphics card will work with […]

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5 Blogging Mistakes you should Avoid

November 23, 20160 Comments
blogging mistake to avoid

So you have decided to join the blogging bandwagon? Congratulations on completing your initial steps and setting up your blog. Check this awesome guide to how to start a blog in 15 mins like a boss. Before getting too far ahead of yourself, pause and take a deep breath. There are still a lot of […]

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Online Security: The Foundations of Web-Based Business

November 15, 20160 Comments
security websites

As online shopping continues to flourish, with thousands of shopaholics opting to buy online rather than head for the high street, now is as important a time as ever to emphasise the significance of online security. As online commerce shows a continued increase in market share, it’s now responsible for £466.1million of sales per week, […]

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Reading List: Writing copy for the web

October 24, 20160 Comments
wrting blog post

Struggling to write perfect copy for your website? Here are 5 books to help guide you. They’re either venerable classics or new on the market – plus, you can have them on your bookshelves or saved in your bookmarks. Don’t Make Me Think! Steve Krug Simple and readable – that’s the digital content that Krug […]

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How Online Gaming is Changing Rapidly

October 5, 20160 Comments

In the free time we’ve got from this busy lifestyle, what do we do to entertain ourselves? We watch movies, listen to songs and play the games. While doing the work, we can get small breaks but cannot watch movies and listen to songs in these short breaks. But, we can play the games for […]

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