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ASKME: A Must-have App for Indian Smartphone Users

July 14, 20140 Comments
askme app

Internet and Smartphones have changed the way we live! It has influenced the way we communicate, we get info we are looking for and much more! Or, we can say these technologies have made the world of information just one tap away from us. Today, however, we would like to introduce a superb Android application […]

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MobiKwik Review – Smart Way to Recharge Mobile and Pay Bill

June 30, 20140 Comments

When it comes to online shopping, many people consider it to be a huge time-saver and making their life easier. It’s true, the internet truly changed the way we interact with people and purchase anything. The virtual world is helping the reality by tapping into it. India is rapidly growing to see these changes with […]

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An Overview On Key Elements Of Designing A Successful Landing Page

June 26, 20140 Comments
web design 4

A landing page plays an important role as it is used to convert visitors into potential customers. Layout of a landing page is a critical element which needs to be considered when you design a landing page. The header of the landing page should catch the attention of the visitors within first 3 seconds of […]

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Software Testing And Quality Assurance

June 24, 20140 Comments
software testing

Software quality assurance and testing is definitely important during the developmental process. It appeared with one big purpose in mind: making sure that the client’s application works according to requirements while not presenting bugs. Even if software testing and quality assurance has been around for a long time, there are not many that considered it. […]

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Layout Of A Web Page Plays An Important Role In Web Designing

June 23, 20140 Comments
web design basis

A layout plays an important role in web designing. The success of a website depends a lot on the layout. The layout determines how well the content is laid out, how easy the content is to read and the kind of experiences which readers have when they visit the website. A purpose of a website […]

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Enjoy The Best Streaming Procedure Related With Online Video Streaming

June 19, 20140 Comments
online streaming

In case you want to know the basic steps in order to create your own website video streaming portal, there are some basic steps, which you are bound to get in touch with, so that the result can turn out to be a fruitful one. There are some basic tutorials available over the internet, which […]

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