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Doctor’s guide to protect your wordpress Installation from bad minds

April 13, 20151 Comment
wordpress installtion

Did you know that WordPress is the most popular open source CMS in the world? Approximately 15% of websites in the world use them. But that’s just one side of the coin. With increasing popularity, it will be just opening doors for h@ckers and exploits. You need to take care to protect your WordPress Installation.   Installed […]

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25 Tips to generate genuine traffic on your blog

April 3, 201510 Comments

Are you blogger? Then generating traffic is the most challenging task for you ever. There is simple formula in blogging and all online business. More visitors = more traffic = more money.  I am going to modify this formula a bit. More genuine traffic = Most sale = More money.   Here I am going […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Backlink Outreach

March 28, 20159 Comments
backlinks outstretch

A successful catalog of backlinks is absolutely essential to the success of any solid SEO campaign and any SEO professional will tell you as much. Backlinks are a major factor in whether or not the major search engines consider your site to be reputable enough, so it’s of the utmost importance that you know how […]

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How to monitor your computer from remote location

March 16, 20152 Comments
monitor from your computer

Is technology a bane or a boon? Well, the answer to that is as easy as it is difficult. If you look at the question from a convenience viewpoint, a communication viewpoint or from a viewpoint of comfort, technology is a definite boon, no matter what avenue of life it is used in or what […]

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Possible Rival For Google Glass from the house of Apple

March 12, 20150 Comments
Google Glass rival

The US Patent Office on Tuesday granted software giant Apple a patent for a head-mounted peripheral display. This grant comes just days after Google announced their latest innovation called ‘Google Project Glass’, on similar lines. One may be lead to believe that Apple is trying to rip off its fellow competitor. However, the Apple patent […]

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FitBit Surge: Next Generation of Wearable Fitness

March 3, 20151 Comment

The FitBit line of wearable digital fitness assistants has become one of the most popular solutions for individuals seeking an overall healthier lifestyle, offering features such as an accelerometer to track motion and heart rate monitoring capability to provide a more complete picture of everyday activity levels. While devices like the FitBit Flex and FitBit […]

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