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EaseUS Todo Backup- Backup solution

March 31, 20140 Comments
EaseUS Todo Backup Partition Partition Backup

Each bit of information that you have stored in your computer is secure, UNTIL one point out threats as virus attack, OS crashes etc. Indeed, they are bigger threats if you use your computer to store sensitive information, either as part of your profession or personal documents. Nevertheless, by use of same technology, we can […]

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Top Outstanding Features of OLX

March 23, 20140 Comments
olx image

In previous years, OLX, which is a free platform to sell and buy used products online, has acquired such big popularity among internet users. You can check out the list of available phones for sale in OLX for a while; we are very sure that the number will make you amused. Reason for such an […]

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Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

March 11, 20140 Comments
speed up computer

When your computer starts to slow down, it can be really annoying. Having a badly performing and slow PC can seriously affect our daily lives. But it doesn’t need to be like that. There are various steps you can take to speed up your computer today. Defragment your disk Windows 7 and XP tend to […]

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Why GoDaddy hosting sucks as compared to Bluehost

February 28, 20140 Comments

Many varieties of hosting companies are available to host your own domain. The companies are in queue to increase their domain subscribers. There are well known hosting service providers who provide the best hosting plans. Among them, GoDaddy and Bluehost are two top competitors who are popular among people. First of all, let’s talk about […]

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Online Gaming vs. Offline Gaming

February 27, 20140 Comments
online gaming

There is no doubt that just about every person enjoys playing video games. Whether it is building a family in The Sims, crushing bosses in World of Warcraft or destroying real life opponents in Battlefield, video games create the perfect medium for people to escape their everyday stresses, and temporarily lose themselves in the digital […]

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Bluray Ripper and Tunes Cleaner giveaway on holidays

February 25, 20140 Comments
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Earlier, when the portable devices are not much popular, DVD Players were the only source to watch movies and videos. People use to take various movies DVDs on rent and watch them along sitting in a one room at home – ‘Creates a scenario like watching movies in a mini-theatre’. But now, DVD Players are […]

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